Conference Facilities

Glennie Reporting Services is pleased to announce our larger, more accommodating business suite designed to suit our customers’ requirements for a quality deposition experience. We are committed to delivering the same quality services you have come to expect with the additional benefits of our new larger conference center facility.

Clients are welcome to call and reserve the meeting space. All necessary equipment and supplies will be arranged by the Glennie staff.


Our Phoenix location conference center includes two large conference rooms, the largest comfortably accommodating as many as 15 participants. Our main conference room is equipped with a large flat screen television monitors to view documents, video playback or keep abreast of current events via cable.  Restrooms are conveniently located within our suite.

Our Phoenix office is conveniently located off of State Route 51 on 16th Street north of Glendale. We are in a ground level suite with easy access from the parking lot, as well as handicap parking and wheelchair accessible. There are no parking structures to maneuver and parking is free.

For directions to our Phoenix location, or to view our location on Google Maps please see our Directions / Area Info page.


Scottsdale locations are available upon request and conveniently located from the airport with many luxurious hotel accommodations nearby.

To reserve a conference room in Scottsdale, please call for availability.