Videoconferences make face-to-face visits possible!

Glennie Reporting Services, LLC brings to you the rich communication technology of videoconferencing, allowing two or more people at different locations to see and hear each other in real-time. Videoconferencing is not only convenient, but it also saves time and money by reducing travel expenses.

In the legal field, efficient collaboration works in your favor by allowing communication with colleagues, experts and/or witnesses. It also provides the convenience to conduct depositions, arbitrations, witness reviews, or mediations for effective and quick interaction.

In the business world, videoconferencing can benefit any company, from small businesses to the largest enterprises. This technology can fulfill all your needs: training seminars, long-distance interviews, out-of-town meetings, board meetings and much more.

Additional Video Services

Glennie Reporting Services’ business partner, Forensic Video Deposition Services (FVDS), provides a complete range of video services to GRS clients. FVDS employs certified specialists who provide videotaping, editing, duplication,video and teleconferencing, as well as CD-ROM conversion services. Forensic also provides video and transcript synchronization for use in trial presentation software. For our clients’ convenience, all arrangements are made through Glennie Reporting Services.

No matter the industry, let Glennie Reporting Services offers you better communication, improved collaboration, information sharing, speed and efficiency.

Contact us today to schedule your cost-effective videoconference. We can be reached at 602.266.6535 or 877.266.6535.