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Thank you for your interest in Glennie Reporting Services. We are pleased to inform you of the services we have been providing clients since 1992.

Interactive Realtime


GRS court reporters provide realtime (steno note translations) into English using notebook computers at depositions. Rough draft transcripts can be provided on disk or via interactive realtime fed directly to clients’ computers.

Once the setup is complete, the attorney can instantly observe testimony as it occurs, mark and annotate text with issue codes, and perform searches while testimony continues.

Reporters also pre-edit all realtime and rough transcripts to provide effective litigation tools.

Requirements For Realtime On Attorneys Computer

In order to receive a realtime hookup an attorney’s computer needs to have a 9-pin serial connector. While in the past these were commonplace on notebook computers, more and more of the newer models do not come with one built in. If this is the case the attorney must have a USB->Serial adapter installed and configured prior to the court reporter’s arrival.

Aside from the physical connection, the attorney must have software such as Livenote, Caseview, or Bridge installed and configured prior to the deposition.

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We are proud to offer our clients with Min-U-Script electronically delivered transcripts with exhibits attached and linked, all in the Adobe PDF format, the most commonly used and accepted format in the world. Some of the features are listed below.

  • The ultimate quality for screen viewing and printing in all styles.
  • Industry standard PDF format for easy retrieval from email inbox.
  • One click exhibit view/print from anywhere in the transcript.
  • Instant printing or emails.
  • Open all files in Adobe Reader with no special viewer required.
  • PDF package with one-click access to:
    • PDF full size
    • Screen view full size
    • Condensed transcript
    • Exhibits listed and linked
  • Search across one or all files in a case using word index or Adobe’s searching tools.

Simply click the ‘play’ button on the viewer below for a short video demonstration.

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GRS court reporters use the litigation market standard software, RealLegal e-transcript®(RLET), which provides an accurate read-only, encrypted, virus and password-protected transcript. With its page and line integrity guaranteed, consistent professional transcripts are ensured.

A viewer is embedded in RLET, allowing the user to view transcripts without specialized software. Each e-transcript® has an interactive key word index that is electronically linked to page and line numbers. The index, displayed in the screen margin, allows the user to scroll through the document, select a word, point and click, and be instantly connected to that page and line.

Users can also copy text directly from the viewer and paste it into any work product. The text will retain the deponent’s name as well as the date, page and line summary, and text formats. Unlike ASCII files, e-transcript® files can be saved into a third-party word processing or litigation support package.

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Bundle CD

A bundle is a batch or group of e-transcripts with or without exhibits hyperlinked, then published to a CD and stored as a case. Each time a new e-transcript file is added to the bundle, the CD is reburned and now contains all the depositions in the case to date.

The interface viewer presents two panes, one for transcripts and one for exhibits, and can be viewed side by side. Each pane provides a variety of columns that can be sorted to simplify locating particular files.

Law firms request a Publisher Bundle from their court reporting firm to simplify discovery review without requiring any software or complicated technology.

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Litigation Support

Court reporters play a major role in the information-gathering process throughout every court case. Glennie Reporting Services cases have involved reporting as many as 86 depositions in one class action suit, involving several hundred plaintiffs and managing over 600 exhibits. “I never want my clients to worry about getting the details right. That’s our job, and we are very thorough,” says owner, Lisa Glennie. And when a client has demonstrated that he or she is unable to pay the fees, Glennie Reporting Services, in conjunction with the law firm handling the case, provides pro bono services.

The GRS professional court reporters accept full responsibility for taking accurate information and simplifying the process of transforming that information into effective litigation tools for the firm’s clients. Using the most advanced technology and licensed, certified professionals gives Glennie Reporting Services the needed edge to accomplish its goals.

Add to that work ethic a clientele that includes top local and national law firms as well as their major corporate clients, using only referrals for advertising, and Glennie is proving that the job is not just getting done, it is getting done well.


In addition to managing exhibits by industry standards, the professionals at Glennie Reporting Services are accustomed to numbering, tracking, storing and supplying vast amounts of exhibits in extensive legal cases. “Some of our cases involve more than 1,000 exhibits,” explains Glennie. “Our numbering system is so exact, and our staff so efficient, that we can track and ship specific items immediately upon request.”

Document Repositories

Because some cases involve multiple parties, Glennie Reporting Services offers document repository services to facilitate convenient access to information that needs to be available to all participants.  “This service saves redundant requests for information and unnecessary copies transmitted among lawyers,” Glennie says. “Efficiency is our expertise.”

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Video Services

Glennie Reporting Services’ business partner, Forensic Video Deposition Services (FVDS), provides a complete range of video services to GRS clients. FVDS employs
certified specialists who provide videotaping, editing, duplication,video and teleconferencing, as well as CD-ROM conversion services. Forensic also provides video and transcript synchronization for use in trial presentation software. For our clients’ convenience, all arrangements are made through Glennie Reporting Services.

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Conference Suite

In addition to our complimentary conference suite on site at our Phoenix location, Glennie Reporting is pleased to provide its clients with Scottsdale deposition suites for your convenience.

Clients are welcome to call and reserve the meeting space. All necessary equipment and supplies will be arranged by the Glennie staff.

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Out Of Town Depositions

Do you take jobs outside of the Phoenix area?

Yes. In addition to our conference center in Phoenix, we have Scottsdale conference rooms for your convenience. If you have a preselected location, we are happy to travel anywhere within the Phoenix metropolitan area.

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