Lisa L. Glennie

Lisa L. Glennie, of Glennie Reporting Services, L.L.C., has always had what it takes to own her own business, but others knew it before she did. “I’ve always been a self-motivated, hard worker, and I knew I wanted to be successful,” she says. With her natural ability to manage details, she seemed suited to do something that required close scrutiny. “And court reporting is such fascinating work,” Glennie adds, “every day is different.”

Glennie, more comfortable getting the work done – and done well – than boasting about it, finds it difficult to talk about the successes that she has accomplished. The project list is extensive, the client base, impressive, and the workload, immense. Yet, Glennie, in her understated way, has it all under control, from the most minute points in a deposition to the voluminous exhibits for which she is responsible. Whether the litigation is local or across the country, Glennie Reporting Services responds with whomever is best suited to effectively handle the case, including managing the evidence that is collected.

Then and now

While working as a legal secretary, Glennie attended Phoenix College, where she earned her associates degree and court reporting certificate. Since then, the industry has become licensed, and Glennie is among approximately 600 others licensed in the State of Arizona.

In 1992, she opened Glennie Reporting Services with the most up-to-date equipment available at the time. “Translating from the Stenograph machine was similar to using a Dictaphone,” she says. “Now we have teleconferencing, videotaped depositions, Internet realtime viewing, and laptop computers with software that instantly translates text from the Stenograph machine to a rough draft that can be produced, via cable or disk, right on the spot.” Glennie is prepared to provide her clients with whatever assistance they request. “We give our clients the true meaning of service.”

Details, details…

Court reporters play a major role in the information-gathering process in every court case. Glennie Reporting Services cases have involved reporting as many as 86 depositions in one class action suit, involving several hundred plaintiffs and managing over 1500 exhibits. “I never want my clients to worry about getting the details right. That’s our job, and we are very thorough,” Glennie says. And when a client has demonstrated that he or she is unable to pay the fees, Glennie Reporting Services, in conjunction with the law firm handling the case, provides pro bono services.

In addition to her owning the business and managing her team of 10 reporters and 2 office staff members, she is also an active court reporter. “I truly enjoy every aspect of this profession and like to constantly stay cued-in as to what our clients want, and how we can best provide that.”

Add to that work ethic a clientele that includes top, nationwide law firms and their major corporate clients, using only referrals for advertising, and Glennie is proving that the job is not just getting done, it is getting done well.

Associations and Affiliations

In addition to the National Court Reporters Association, Glennie Reporting Services is an active member of the Arizona Court Reporters Association, where Lisa served on the Student Seminar Committee. “I enjoyed teaching the students about court reporting as a career,” says Glennie. “It’s such a diverse field. One day, you might be walking into an office with mahogany walls and gold trim; the next, you might be walking onto a construction site. You just never know.”

When it’s time to relax…

Though she loves her work, Glennie strives to keep her life in balance. As a fourth generation Arizonan, she has plenty of family, including her husband and their two sons, with whom to share good times. “We have lots of family get-togethers,” she says.

Looking back…

In retrospect, Glennie has surprised herself about what it means to be successful. As a girl, she thought it just meant earning a good living. Now, she expands upon that, “Success is not about the money,” states Glennie. “It’s about being happy.”

Mission accomplished.